Welcome to Cities2030 data repository

The cities2030 data repository is a S2CP (Single-click CRFS Platform), a developement of cities2030 project to make available all datasets generated along the project.

The Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP) of the European Commission enables open access and reuse of research data generated by Horizon 2020 projects. To comply to ORDP the following actions are to be performed regarding data/metadata of scientific publications, and other curated/raw data managed in the project:

  • Develop (and keep up-to-date) a Data Management Plan (DMP).
  • Deposit your data in a research data repository.
  • Ensure third parties can freely access, mine, exploit, reproduce and disseminate your data.
  • Provide related information and identify (or provide) the tools needed to use the raw data to validate your research.

Repository in scope of S2CP

The cities2030 data repository is a S2CP component. For more information about the S2CP platform, please go to https://cities2030.eu/single-click-crfs-platform/


Agrotopia Living Lab

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